The Discord Bot that improves your Experience.

The future of Discord Bots start now.

⌛ Kyu is Coming Soon.

The claims we are making are no joke... and we know that. We're working hard to deliver on our promises and we are confident that we will be able to do so.

If you're interested in our project or want to be notified when we release, you can join our Discord Server and follow us on Twitter @KyuDiscord.

🏡 Meet the Team.

We are a small team of passionate developers who are set on making the best Discord Bot possible. Here are the people actively working on Kyu:

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Owner & Lead Developer

Hello! I'm Gino, a 17-year-old software developer from the United States. I'm basically a full-stack developer, I wrote this website and I'm leading the development of Kyu's core infrastructure.

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Seren Modz

Co-Owner & Lead Developer

Hello! My name is Seren, an inspired back-end developer. I'm from the UK and a full-time college student. Currently, I work on private projects but I plan to grow and expand to open source projects.

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Moral Support

Greetings, the name is Matt. A passionate self taught developer from the UK. I am currently working full time as a Junior software developer to hone my skills and grow my knowledge where I hope to make a positive impact for the world via technology!